‘Growing up I had always wanted to fly our country’s flag high…’-Hawa Kamara

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Hawa Kamara, who is just from the Miss Universe in Phillipine, has said she had always been looking for the opportunity to fly the Sierra Leonean flag high to the rest of the world. She made this disclosure while responding to questions relating the just concluded Miss Universe where she represented Sierra Leone.

The 2010 Miss Indepence Sierra Leone said the dream of representing her country started in 2009 when she won the Miss Methodist Girls High School.

“I also won the 2012 Miss West Africa Sierra Leone, and in 2013, I reppresented Sierra Leone in Cape Verde at the Miss West Africa International and was the runner up at first and later the winner was dethroned and I was handed the crown to became the winner,’’ she disclosed.

“I felt absolutely blessed to have had the opportunity to be interviewed by the Cable News Network (CNN) out of 86 contestants,’’ she said. She continued that the opportunity was so huge most especially when she was given the opportunity to sell the country and she said she had also the opportunity to talk about the tourist attractions and how safe Sierra Leone was from the Ebola epidemic and wars that brought about major destructions.

“Sierra Leone didn’t win, but we were among the few favorites of the world and clearly one of the most applauded,’’ she boasted. The 27 year old beauty queen said there is slight difference between pageantry in the international world and the one practiced in the country, but said the country is moving towards international standards. “That’s why one of my plans is to make sure I stay around and share details of every single thing I learned there from other contestants; from being a humanitarian to being patriotic,’’ she said.

She said she will pass on to the younger generation the courage to believe in themselves because, according to her, it is the number one step in pageantry.

Hawa said she will continue to support women and girls education in the country. ‘’I will use my story to inspire and motivate young girls who have nothing else but dream on how to conquer obstacles,’’ she said.
The Miss Universe representative for Sierra Leone concluded that team work is unity and because of the unity with her team she was able to make such a wonderful performance to the world.

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