‘Government And People Have To Be Proactive’ …Jimmy B on Corona Virus fight

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Well, just as he was posting on his Facebook, the Corona Virus or COVID-19spread has become a global concern and every government across the globe are trying to do something about the fight.

Confused as to where to start from, Jimmy Bangura could not escape from the charge put against him by a colleague who he posted called him and asked: ‘what am (Jimmy B) doing to raise awareness on the coronavirus?’

In reply to his colleague’s intriguing question, the Godfather of Sierra Leone pop music wrote on his page that he was ‘…totally caught off guard.’ I was like……what?’

And guess what? Just the other day, Jimmy Bangura was invited by the Government, through the Ministries of Health and Information, to be part of the official government vanguard of foot soldiers to spread the message of awareness on the COVID-19 global pandemic-through the entertainment industry, of course.

At the Government of Sierra Leone strategy meeting Monday, March 2, Jimmy B was named as one of the principal motivators. He was appointed to lead his colleagues in the entertainment industry to take the fight of an awareness-raising campaign to the doorsteps of Sierra Leoneans by various creative means.

But before the government move that jerked the pop star from his thought as to what to do about the Coronavirus, Jimmy B shared his self-censoring mind on his page: ‘You’re asking what’s on mind…..well, let me share with you. Today, February 28th, 2020, I got a call from a friend who I have known for at least two decades. Asking what am doing to raise awareness on the coronavirus. Totally caught off guard! I was like……what? You see, the issue was the furthest from my very busy mind.

However, after our conversation ended, I began to ponder. And I realized that millions of Sierra Leonean, just like me, are either unaware or are not concerned about the virus. And this is dangerous.
Those of us with a voice have to do whatever we can to sound the trumpet….the world is a global village. It started in China but there’s now a case in Nigeria….Very close to home
We do not want any more surprises.

Don’t want to dwell on the past but we all need to reflect on the devastation caused by the EBOLA virus.
How prepared were we as a people and how prepared was our government to deal with the virus? The mistakes made then can now be corrected…We must not wait until the coronavirus gets here before we act.
GOVERNMENT and PEOPLE have to be proactive. We MUST take all the necessary precautions before it’s too late.

A stitch in time saves nine.
Blessings everyone’

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