Fatima’s ‘Feed the nation’ project As Birthday Gift To President Bio

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Maada Bio Women’s Wing of the SLPP and Madam Fatima Bio is very passionate about the welfare of the people; and through the movement, the First Lady Tuesday this week gave a start to the people of Sierra Leone when the ‘Feed The Nation’ project was launched. It aims at reaching the doorsteps of Sierra Leoneans with food stuff jointly in her usual bid to reach out to Muslims across the nation in the month of Ramadan, and now the for the needy period of the COVID 19 pandemic.

But doing things at the right time and attracting desired attention is a feat any actress cannot turn his or her back on. And the First Lady being a czar in the entertainment industry just made it apt-setting the ceremonial launch of the project on a memorable day. Well, SaloneJamboreeis talking here on the timing of the ceremony as deliberate an attempt to coincide with the birthday of her husband, the First Gentleman of the Republic and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the nation.

What a calculated gift of honor from an honored wife that wishes all the best for her husband and the nation! Sierra Leone’s First Lady feeding the nation during the month of Ramadan and amid the COVID-19 scourge is no mean affair; and she made her husband proud to bring the support group to grace the twin occasions of celebrating her husband’s 55th birthday and the launch of the feeding the people project.
The food basket feeding program is part of the First Lady’s annual Ramadan feeding of Muslims across the country. But this time round, the gesture is stretched to cushion other livelihoods throughout the entire nation.

In the past, Fatima Bio did the cooking for distribution to inmates at the correctional centers, to imams and their Jamaats in mosques, and to several other Muslims observing the fast in the Holy Month.
This fall, however, the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic has crept into the month, making Mosque gatherings prohibited, and hence not permitting her and the Bio Support Group to meet congregations with prepared foodstuff. But the coronavirus disease outbreak itself came with added vulnerabilities across communities for which the First Lady swiftly carved out the plan to extend the feeding program to Healthcare workers, Security personnel, widows, and Paramount Chiefsamong others, as she understands the financial crisis the pandemic has put many homes in.

“Thanks to the SLPP through the Maada Bio Women’s Wing, we are able to put things together. This is not about the state and there are no state resources used in this venture,” she told her audience at the launch as she called on well-wishers to come close.

“I want people to come and contribute, not in money but with foodstuff to stock the food basket. This is no government money used but provided by ourselves and other good citizens that stand by us whenever in need like this testing moment in our history.” Her Excellency, Madam Fatima Maada Bio told her audience that she was looking forward to doing her usual cooking and serving of the stuff to people.
“But the food and condiments which include bags of rice, onions, palm oil and sugar for nationwide distribution to households were being sourced in the country by the SLPP’s Julius Maada Bio’s Women’s Wing and our associates,” she iterated.

“And fortunately, the official launching has coincided with the birthday of my husband and father of the nation, H.E Rtd. Brig.JuliusMaada Bio, making the event a memorable way of honoring the people of Sierra Leone in such trying times.”

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