‘Entertainment is big promoter of tourism’-Sidi Yaya Tunis

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Minister of Tourish and Cultural Affairs, Sidi Yaya Tunis, has in a press conference organized by LAKE Productions and his ministry said that entertainmnet has been a big promoter of Tourism in the country.

Tunis made this statement during the launching of the 2017 SIERRA LEONE ENTERTAINMENT AWARDS (music, film,sports, comedy, fashion, tourism and cultural heritage). The event is scheduled for the 29th April, 2017, at the Bintumani International Conference Centre, Aberdeen, in Freetown. It will be organzed by LAKE production entertainment company in collaboration with the Tourism and Culture Ministry.

The minister said the award is geared towards recognizing the contributions of local and international music, film, comedy and sports stars, and also those who have made significant contributions towards the development of the entertainment secotr in Sierra Leone.

“Entertainment is very much important in any country in the world,’’ he said. And according to him those in enetrtainment are among some of the highest paid people one can come across.
“You have people in the movie industry in the United State who are earning fifty million USD for a movie they do,” he said.

The minister said entertainment is something that is very much close to his heart and that he will ensure he give his time to help develop it. “We are doing this award to unite us and ensure that we bring everybody together in the industry,’’ he promised.

The minister pleaded to those who have the ability and capability to sponsor the program to come onboard and give their support, noting that it will help build the industry.

Minister Tunis also said for everything they do they have objectives and that as a ministry they have set themeslves the objectives for the said award. He said they want to use the award to compliment the efforts of the government through the tourism ministry, to rebrand the nation and to help with development of the entertainment and tourism industry in the country.

In his statement, Chief Executive Officer of LAKE Production, Alhaji K. Tarawally, popularly known as LAJ KAY, said entertainment is one of the biggest industries in the world and that it needed effort to make it continue to be big in Sierra Leone. He expressed thanks and appreciation to the minister for his support to help develop the industry.
Anouncing the categories of the awards, Tarawalley said they have four categories ( Music, Film and TV category, Sport and others), with each category having its normination, ie under the Music Category one will see; Best Male Artist or say Best Female Artist, and the likes. He said it would be a Red Carpet event and that they will make sure that all stakeholders in the industry were involved.

Among the stakeholders that were present were Sahr Morris Jr from the Sport Writers Association, Desmond Finney, Milton Coker, popurlarly known Colabo, President of All Stars, Murtala Mohamed Kamara of Salone Jamboree, and many others. They all pledged their support to the project and promiseed to work with the team in other to enusre the awards become successful.

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