Emotional ‘Save Salone’ Music Video Drops on Saturday, Oct. 7

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The Save Salone Movement (SSM) will release a music video titled: ‘Save Salone’, on Saturday, October 7. The ‘Save Salone’ music video which was produced by the SSM/Menace the General/MS Media will be released this weekend on various social media platforms and local Television stations.

“Save Salone’ music video was shot across various locations in Freetown. The video features popular Sierra Leonean U.S based rapper Denis Bundu aka Menace the General. The Founder of the ‘Save Salone Movement’, Murtala Mohamed Kamara made a special appearance on the video. Popular female artist Fantacee also appeared on the video.

The music video highlighted the issues that have affected Sierra Leone since Independence and call on all-Sierra Leoneans to take leadership of their country.

Rapper Menace the General who gave his tremendous support towards the success of the video said he is very proud of the success of this video, “I’ve worked on several projects that are geared towards the development of Sierra Leone but the ‘Save Salone’ project is the best thing I’ve done so far.”

Founded in January 2017 by Murtala Kamara, the Save Salone Movement (SSM) is a social movement with the aim of using media advocacy for development on a wide range of national issues, especially those affecting ordinary Sierra Leoneans.

SSM was borne out of the need to address some of these concerns in a bid to set Sierra Leone on the right path to a better country for all, regardless of tribe, region, sex, religion and political affiliation. SSM believes that Sierra Leoneans deserve better; they must enjoy the benefit of their country’s vast natural resources. As a social movement, they are galvanizing and mobilizing Sierra Leoneans of all ages to wake up, stand up and participate in the processes of national development. The SSM is not a political or religious movement. The SSM movement also has its charity arm which seeks to uplift and empower Sierra Leoneans.

The Objectives of the Movement

  • Liberating and enlightening the mindset of Sierra Leoneans with the message of unity, freedom and justice in the pursuit of national development.


  • To enable Sierra Leoneans to make the right decisions and take their collective destiny in their own hands.

To give voice to the voiceless.


  • To enable Sierra Leoneans take charge of their country’s economy through entrepreneurship and wealth creation.


  • To encourage Sierra Leoneans to love, defend and be proud of their country and its unique culture.


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