Emmerson:-“I’ll continue to be myself”

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Emmerson Bockarie has told SaloneJamboree that he will continue to be himself. The popular Afrobeat musician said he will be consistent with his music.

Emmerson was speaking to SaloneJamboree in an exclusive interview Monday in Freetown. He said: “Emmerson is Emmerson. I will continue to be myself.’’

The ‘Borbor Bele’ fame was reacting to a question by SaloneJamboree on his current projects. Emmerson said he is presently in the studio “working.”

Emmerson, also known as ‘De Iron Wae Nor Dae Ben,’ said he is putting final touches to his next album. Sierra Leone’s highest-selling act said the Album was supposed to come out in January but was delayed because of some challenges. Although he kept a ‘sealed-lip’ on the tentative title for the album, he howbeit assured that “the album will be out anytime from now.” “My fans should expect great songs that will entertain them.”

Responding to questions on the expectations from the public as “the voice of the voiceless”, Emerson said: “I feel humbled for such…I feel like it’s a responsibility.”

He said he is still hopeful that Sierra Leone will one day attain its height.

Emmerson is arguably Sierra Leone’s No. 1 social commentator cum musician. He came to the spotlight with his ‘Borbor Bele’ album in 2004, and has since been producing songs with lyrics focused on issues that are affecting ordinary Sierra Leoneans.

He has been labeled by politicians in the past as ‘anti-Government.’ Observers say his election inspired hit song, ‘Good Do’ also contributed to the All People’s Congress losing the last Presidential election in 2018.

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