Emerson Set To Release ‘9 Lives’ Album

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Emerson Bockarie has announced date for the release of a new album. Titled ‘9 Lives’, the album will be launched August 10 according to his Facebook page.

‘9 Lives’ is a symbolic maestro of a piece, depicting more than the proverbial ‘7 lives’ of the cat, which symbolises resilience in the midst of inequities.

“All is set to release my new album and I’m glad to announce the official album release date that will be streamed on all online platforms. Thank you for your patience and support,” he wrote on his Facebook page.

For two years, Emerson has kept his fans in the cold so the announcement came just when they were anticipating as it has been that too long.

One of Sierra Leone’s most popular artists, Emerson is widely known as a social commentator, bringing out what the ordinary man wants to hear. He had often touched on issues like the endemic corruption against the government of the day, whose officials lord it over the less privileged with the vast resources of the state at their disposal. He gives solace as his lyrics highlight most of the socio-economic plights of the ordinary man in society.

Priding himself as “The Last Man Standing,” amidst societal rot, Emerson has been a major social critic. He has several anti-graft songs to his credit; and among them are “Borbor Belleh” (2004), “Yesterday Betteh Pass Tiday” (2010) and “Good Do,” shot on the eve of the 2018 presidential elections which, like “Borbor Belleh” during the era of the first SLPP government in a multi-party democracy, played no mean role in the removal of the then intensely corrupt government of APC.

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