Ellen Kister Unveils New TV Show and Studio @ 40th Birthday celeb

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Ellen Kister is starting a new television talk show streamed via TV and radio stations.  At 10 pm every Wednesday, “Real Talk with Ellen” will soon be served as supper in many homes across the country through all major television and radio stations.  
An Oprah Winfrey type television show, Real Talk with Ellen will keep viewers and listeners in touch with contemporary issues pertinent to business, politics, entertainment, fashion, the lifestyle of celebrities and many more.
The talk show was launched in 2019 on the 40th birthday celebration of Ellen, with a brand new studio to house the production of the show.
Ellen Kister is the CEO of Reems Record Label And Company. She is a TV presenter and a popular presenter of Orange PlayList on SLBC television.

By: Gandoh Jalloh

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