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One of Sierra Leone’s finest social commentators and musicians, Joseph Cole, otherwise known as Daddy Saj, now Diamond Saj, has told Salone Jamboree why he chose Mariama Bakarr Kamara over the other women. The popular musician was in Freetown in April 2017 for a very ceremonious wedding.

The ‘Corruption’ fame artist who hit Africa about a decade ago with his superb lyrics, has fulfilled his promise to make Mariama the love of his life. The couple, Diamond Saj and Mariama, were living in the United States and England respectively, but were connected together again by the power of love in Freetown. Diamond Saj who has abandoned music for a very long time now, stunned his fans in Freetown with a very ceremonious wedding. This wedding was one of class.

Speaking to Salone Jamboree, he explained how he met Mariama Bakarr: ”I met her some fifteen years ago at the Siaka Stevens Stadium in Freetown, attending an award at a very young age as a teenager. She was a big lover of my music, and since then we became friends.”

”I became a family friend and we were that close and caring for each other until she traveled to the UK and I traveled to the US.”

Diamond Saj said the long distance didn’t separate them, as they were constantly communicating until he finally proposed to her in 2016. “After being friends for over a decade, Mariama thought it was a joke,” he said.
On why he chose Mariama over the others, Saj said: “…she’s being my best friend. She’s that person who loves everyone, she has a big heart, she is simple, religious, and I’m his first boyfriend.”

Daddy Saj who has transformed himself to a ‘Born Again’ Christian, revealed that he has never touched Mariama before they got married. Despite his in-laws been contemplating on his status as an artist, he said that he’s being that simple and religious, contrary to what others opined about him.

On Wednesday 26th April 2017, they got married at a Mosque in Hill Station Freetown, with the reception party at the Kona Lodge. On Friday the 28th April, they did the Hands Night – All White Party at the Roof Top Bar at Aberdeen road junction. The following Saturday, 29th April, they also got married at the Saint Anthony’s Church with the reception at Bintumani Hotel. And on Sunday the 30th April, they did the Barbeque – Congratulations Party at the Aberdeen Beach, where he performed the song titled ‘Na Tiday’, a song he did for his wife. There were a lot of friends and family members from home and abroad, including his fellow artists.”It was all fun,” Saj told Salonejamboree. His fan clubs were also in full attendance, driving around town with a huge convoy.

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