David Sengeh Promotes African Beauty in ‘Nyabondesia’

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Dr. David Moinina Sengeh is giving Sierra Leoneans another positive side of his life’s journey in a project in which “I wanted to highlight black bodies, beauty, progeny and unity,” quoting him in an engagement with SaloneJamboree recently over a record release.

Currently a minister in the Bio administration handling the government’s flagship project of free, quality Basic and Senior Secondary education, Dr. Sengeh’s instrumentality goes beyond just serving as education minister, being also the Chief Innovation Officer at the Directorate of Science, Technology and Innovation (DSTI), a novel institution also created by the Bio led SLPP government.

The MIT PhD graduate has tooted hitting the studios to record “Nyabondesia” translated as “My People” in his native Mende tongue. He said he was so passionate about the project, giving him the opportunity to highlight black beauty, progeny and unity.

‘Nyabondesia’ means more a lot beyond just being a song’s title. The song is asking rhetorical questions bordering on unity.

“You will enjoy it. It’s part of an album project that’s done but will be released later this summer,” David Moinina says. He says the song is also recorded in the local lingua, Krio. ‘Nyabondesia’ is calling on all Sierra Leoneans to help each other. It was premiered on YouTube on the 3rd of July, and has since been viewed over a thousand times.

Dr. Moinina Sengeh is widely known as a multi-talented skilled person and he gives lyrical rap flows on the radio on occasional interviews.

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