Countdown To October 4 Big Sister Salone Show… Bureh Beach Village To Host Roommates

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CEO of Zedzee Multimedia and initiator of BIG SISTER SALONE reality TV show, Zainab Sheriff has posted pictures on her Facebook page of the proposed venue where the 35 roommates will be hosted for seven weeks. The site is Bureh Town, a beach village situated along the peninsula in the Western Rural District.

Bureh Town is a fishing village couched in a traditional setting with a compelling atmosphere invoking serenity and that pricks the adventurous mind. The photos posted give a pure African setting of their background with lots of African sculptures and designs that are sure to keep visitors in awe.

The photos were posted just 17 days to October 4 when the much anticipated BIG SISTER SALONEshow comes up with a purr as usual.  This season’s take home for the grand winner is Five Hundred Million Leones (SLL 500, 000, 000) in cash with big-time publicity stunt.

In 2018, Zedzee Multimedia organized the first edition of BIG SISTER SALONE reality show in collaboration with Africel mobile company and AYV Media Empire. This big idea was the brain-baby of Zainab Sheriff and its first star winner, Haja Mariama Kamara who goes by ‘China Nicki,’ a name ascribed to her for her Chinese looks earned celebrity title.

The 4th October 2020 induction of housemates will be the start of the second edition, and this time Zedzee Multimedia is in partnership with Orange mobile company and the national broadcaster, SLBC.

As preparations are underway, Salonjamboree chats with a roommate on their sojourn and expectations.   Djalikatou Oumou Cisse aka Navarro bearing Roommate 12 tag says she will be representing Guinea.  Born in Sierra Leone but bred in Guinea, Djalikatou has the advantage of belonging to two cultures-the Anglophone and Francophone- and she articulates well in both English and French.  She is a native Fullah but also well-grounded in Krio, Sierra Leone’s lingua franca.

Djalikatou says she is acting with the Sierra Network Production and Central All Stars, two leading movie production houses in Sierra Leone.

She is overwhelmed with what she is seeing. So pleased with what she is experiencing that she never expected it would be something like that. “I am really proud of Zainab Sheriff. She is so wonderful and I am burning inside to see, taste, and explore that village. I want to show the world what I’m made of!”

Roommates, sponsors and fans alike are eager to see the season draws in. They express their pleasure in progress so far made in the preparations. As they eagerly wait to see Big Sister Season 2 kicks off.

By Ishmael Daddys Bangura

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