Bo-Dalaba Designs coming soon

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The Alexander Mcqueen, Loui Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren and a host of other designers became a success as a result of mass appeal from indigenes. Mohamed Wurie Jah ventured into the fashion designing industry after he became Mr. Sierra Leone last year, however his venture was worthy.

Hailed from Bo now living in Belgium, Mohamed had craftily created a brand by coining where he hailed from Bo and that of his parents-Dalaba in Guinea Conakry. Bo-Dalaba is Mohamed Alias which has been transformed to a brand that is now making waves across Europe.

He assured that Bo-Dalaba design is going to leave a footprint in Europe that would subsequently help in re branding Sierra Leone.
Bo-Dalaba explained that he was prompted by the Leo Firm Boat Party, to push the project forward. ‘’ So far we’ve done T-shirts, Polo, and Caps.’’ He said, ‘’we are going to have everything in our design collection from Boxers to sneakers, glasses, watches, and many more.’’

He said proceeds from this venture would be used to sponsor underprivileged kids back in Sierra Leone.

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