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Big Sister TV reality show continues the voting process for fans, and by Sunday, ten more roommates are expected to be evicted from the House. The scenes in the House are broadcast live by the National broadcaster, the SLBC. 

There were some delays of technicality in putting the shortlisted mates into the cautiously selected Bureh Beach ambiance. The roommates were supposed to enter the village on October 4 accompanied by live broadcast but that was not the case until late in the afternoon of the 5th. The delay in broadcasting gave rise to suspicions on social media until the situation was saved by the CEO of Big Sister, Zainab Sheriff. 

Together with the SLBC management, Zainab Sheriff sent out a message saying the delay was beyond their control. She said the roommates were not allowed to enter the village unless they were to take Covid 19 tests as one of the Covid prevention measures.  She said once they crossed that point and other technical errors, the show kick started in earnest on the 5th October.  Part of the message read that “we have worked on and the show and broadcasting is now in perfect order.” 

Subsequently, just a few days in the House, one of the roommates by the name of Fatmata Kamara tested positive for Covid 19 and was immediately taken into isolation. She is being isolated in the village ‘baray’ until she is tested negative before she will be allowed back among her peers. “But she is doing well in isolation and is in good shape doing some handiworks and dancing to some of the music played by the DJs,” Zainab posted. 

In an interview with one of the organisers, the CEO of Zee Zed multimedia and an ex Big Sister roommate, Camarah Kamara tooted that she was really looking forward to the outcome of the show and what people should expect in the coming weeks. 

Asked about the performance of the roommates, Camarah showered praises on many, especially Roommate #12, Djalikatou Oumou Cisse. “Cisse is representing Guinea and I am really surprised at her performance.” 

Back to Zainab, she said in an interview that all 29 roommates presently in the house are up for eviction and that ten roommates will be evicted from the house by Sunday. She said there were debate and presentation competitions in the village with five roommates spotted by the organisers as outstanding, including Djalikatou Oumou, Mariam, Adama Koroma, Dinin and Victoria.

Fans are encouraged to vote their favourite contestant by sending her roommate number to the short code 2020 using any Orange line. You can also vote by downloading the Big Sister App. 

By:By Ishmael Daddys Bangura 

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