Big Sister Salone Management Declines Comments On Show Progress

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The second edition of Big Sister Salone reality TV show seems to be stuck in limbo due to the global Covid-19 pandemic as there’s no plan for this year’s series even as they have announced the list of housemates. Its first series in 2018 captured millions of viewers in and out of Sierra Leone.

The final list of 35 housemates that will make it to the Big Sister Salone village was announced on the 7th June 2020 comprising participants that cut across nationalities.  The selection was made from different parts of the world from far away from India in Asia, Latvia in Europe, the United States and many more from the West African sub-region.

 Since the outbreak, governments across the world discouraged gatherings that attracted over 100 people and placed travel embargos which restricted both inter and intra-country movements of people. This subsequently had its toll on the entertainment industry as many scheduled outdoor activities were cancelled, with Sierra Leone being no exception.

So the concern now is how the housemates will make it to Salone; and whether, in fact, the next edition of the Big Sister Reality TV show will see any headway this year given the prevailing circumstances.

These are the questions begging for answers as airspace remains closed. But it seems there is light at the end of the tunnel with talks of easing some of the restrictions, including the opening of airspace.

And with Sierra Leone not having direct flights to other continents, it is a sine qua non that if the other countries do not open their airspaces, free moments of passengers will be impossible, continuing to hinder the Big Sister Salone event.  

Another important question is where international viewers will be able to watch the show from; and how will they be able to vote? Of course, the success of any housemates is dependent upon having the votes to stay in the house. Does the Big Sister Salone have a plan?

A twist from the concerns is the sudden addition of ten more housemates which undermines the transparency and integrity of the show. This is especially so when housemates number 20, Yabba Mansaray is a fashion model of the Zee Factor, a modelling show owned by Zainab Sheriff.

But should a positive change occur and Big Sister Salone gets set to go, has there been precautionary measures put in place.

The above are concerns directed at the organizers of the Big Sister Salone Show but efforts to bring them to say something on the subject has been fruitless. Can the public know Big Sister Salone’s plan; whether the show will go on as planned?

By: Mohamed Gandoh Jalloh

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