Best Female Rapper: Star Zee, Empress P Or Tasha Baby?

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As enthusiastic youths bitterly defend their favourite hip hop Queens in Salone music, one can’t agree less with them as each chants who is his Queen in the dance hall. This definitely leaves one speechless, thinking who can be right; who the best Salone Hip Hop queen is.

Hip hop music has endured as the new genre in the Sierra Leone music industry over the past two decades and that has spawned die-hard music-loving fans beyond imagination.

But enjoying one’s favourite music goes side by side with one’s perception of the person behind the track.  Does this take us to the argument, and the real business of this stuff as to who is the best Sierra Leone Hip Pop Queen?

Three household names were chanted by youthful fans across the city and even beyond as being top notches in the dancehall when it comes to hip hop music. The first is Linda Samai whose fans see her as the star as she goes with her popular showbiz name ‘Star Zee.’

Star Zee is by far one of the most distinguished vocalists in the Sierra Leone Hip Hop game. Her career runs over 20 years in the hall as one of the most consistent voices with numerous hit songs to her credit. Some include “Champion” and “Tell me Wantem” featuring Emerson. Her most recent collaboration is with Ghanaian dancehall star Stoneboy producing the hit song “Leader.” Leader hit the airwaves immediately and it’s now a repeated track for radio and television stations and in the nightclubs.

She is best known for tight lyrical bars and tight flows that send her fans crazy like wildfire on dried leaves. Star Zee is a multiple award-winning musician over the past two decades with a total of 5 recording albums to her name. She’s celebrated far and wide but most importantly, she is worshipped by many. Her accomplishments cannot be over-emphasized! Are you one of her most loyal fans that think nobody can beat your ‘Star’?

Another is Tenneh Kamara. Most often seen dressed like a male, the full figure body rapper has been in the game over 10 years now. She is inspired by Kao Denero, one of the most outstanding male rappers in Sierra Leone.

Going by the stage name ‘Empress P’, Tenneh has not only made her mark in the hip-pop music world, but she is being loved by many fans. She is regarded by her fans as the only true female hip-pop songwriter with hit after hit. Some of her most played hits include ‘Boom Bam Boom.’ 🎶so ar gie dem boom, bam bam, boom! 🎶 It’s a mad tune that everyone dances to! She has also collaborated with many local artists, and recently she featured Nigerian international, Teni.

What are your thoughts?

“🎶Where am from Freetown, get da money hit di city wen am gone, Freetown. 🎶” Is the new hits on the sounds of the airwaves. The rap flow is tight, the lyrics are bad and everyone is rapping Freetown. There has been a shocking surprise where does this composer come from.

Natasha Beckley, known by her stage name ‘Tasha Baby’ is the third Hip Hop star and she came in a surprising entry into the rap game showcasing her rap talent. She is best known as a beauty and fashion star with over 15 years of experience winning multiple awards like Miss Africa-USA in 2010, Miss Sierra Leone in 2011 among many others. Her latter entry into the rap game has generated controversial debate as to who is the real rap queen of Sierra Leone hip-hop?  According to many, the number of years is not a prerequisite to determine who should be the Queen of hip-hop rather it is about whether your talent says it all.

Who is the Real Rap Queen of your choice? You can send your view to info@salone on Facebook: salonejamboree or Instagram: @salonejamboree Twitter: SLJamboree


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