AYV Ms University 2016 Extols Education & Eyes Ms Salone 2017 Crown

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AYV Ms University2016 said she feels accomplished and fulfilled to have won such a prestigious and highly contested beauty pageant title, but her eyes are now all set on the Ms Salone 2017 crown.

Enid Jones-Boston, 21, a second year Business Administration student and current holder of the Miss IPAM crown, said winning the AYV Ms University 2016 was a dream come true for her.

Jones-Boston said modeling will not affect her educational career as according to her education comes first, and that she will do the two simultaneously. “I have passion for modeling but my education is paramount,” she emphasized. “To be a super model, you need to back it up with education. Without education one cannot be a professional model because it is not all about appearance but brains as well,” she noted.

She also said there are introductory sessions which require eloquence. “If you’re not educated you’ll find it difficult to express yourself,’’ she said.


She said she is happy to put the Fourah Bay College hegemony over the years to an end and that she has set the benchmark for other students to follow. “IPAM will continue to win this contest,” she promised, adding that she will ensure that all the universities benefit from her winning.


Jones-Boston is working with AYV Media Empire to set up some of the plans she intends pursuing.

“I want to thank my fans, family and IPAM for their support throughout the whole process,” she said, and further admonished her fellow contestants and those coming up to be steadfast and put extra effort in pursuing their dreams.


She said they should do modeling together with their education as education is the key to everything.


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