“At some point, I stopped schooling to take care of my mother” -Miss Europe

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Lara Jalloh who was recently crowned ‘Miss Europe’ has said that there was a point in her life that she stopped going to school just to take care of her mother.

Lara made the emotional revelation in an interview on AI Radio’s Breakfast show.

“I grew up in Conakry, Guinea with my parents and I only visited Sierra Leone once during my childhood,” the beauty Queen revealed.

Lara said when her mother became ill of pressure and had a partial stroke and with a speech problem, she was forced to stop her schooling to be attending to her mum at home. She said it was just impossible to go to school whilst mum stayed home sick as she had to take care of her.

She said though there were others in attendance she said: “but it’s about my Mom’s privacy; I didn’t want people to see her naked posture so I think it was good I stuck around to protect her privacy.”

The Beauty Queen said it was only after her mother’s death that she decided to further her studies in France where she graduated. “I was never into modeling, It came by chance,” she said.

Lara said she was working for the Ministry of Ecology in France and it was during a visit at a popular tourist attraction site with her friends that she met an agent who gave her his card and that is where her modelling career started for her. She said she has worked with several international modelling agencies including El Magazine.

Lara said the Miss Europe is her first professional event. “Although I represented France at the event, but everything about my representation was Africa,” she went on.

“I promised myself that if I emerged the winner, I will immediately visit the two countries to help change the narratives about this continent. I want the world to see the beauty of Sierra Leone and Guinea through me. Sierra Leone and Guinea are two beautiful countries.”

She said modeling should be taken seriously and encouraged the Government of Sierra Leone to create the space for young models. She also took the opportunity to encourage other young aspiring models to take their education seriously.

During her visit she was presented to the First Lady, Madam Fatima Maada Bio, the Fullah community and the Minister of Tourism.

She thanked all those who stood by her, more importantly the Ministry of Tourism, Africell mobile company and AYV Media Empire for all the support.

By: SaloneJamboree

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