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Several nominees, mainly musicians declined their nominations and asked National Entertainment Award organisers, the Lake Production to remove their names from the nomination list or else face court action.

On Saturday 14th November, Lake Production CEO, Alhaji K Tawarallie (LAJ K), a popular TV presenter, released on their official Facebook page and website the full list of nominated entertainers for this year’s award ceremony.  But immediately after, several nominees were quick to take to the platform expressing dissatisfaction, and asking that Lake Production removed their names from the list with immediate effect.

Makmuday was nominated Best Afro Pop and R&B artist of the year and best Performer; Mos-B was taken for best Diaspora Artist; while Daniel Kamara aka ‘Terro D’ had him nominated as Best Hip Hop.

Morris alone was nominated for four categories: as ‘Best Male Artist of The Year’; ‘Best Song of the Year’; ‘Best Inspirational Artist of the Year’ and ‘Best Afro Pop R&B Artist’. He too took to social media to express reservation of the award and declined his nomination.

Morriss also posted on his Facebook page captioned “I didn’t submit by songs, name or image for anything.  If anyone wants to use either of these, they should contact my management.  Let’s talk and understand ourselves, God bless you. Let’s talk about business.”

Air Radio spinner, DJ Jesse got nominated as ‘Best Radio DJ’; with Daniel Kamara, aka ‘Terro D’. He even threatened on his Facebook page saying: “I’m publicly declining my nomination on the NEA 2020! You guys have 48 hours to remove my name from your nomination list otherwise I am going to file a lawsuit against the organisers of NEA.’

Mos-B who is based in France also went live on Facebook asking Lake Production to remove his name from the nominated Artist for the award of BEST Diaspora Artist. Nelson Idriss Kargbo is popularly known as Makmuday who was nominated in three categories also posted on his WhatsApp status saying ” Nasser Ayoub ar wan lehu warn u man o,  ar nor tel am say Ar want e award, 4 gee person award nor to by fos”.

Apart from Artists, someone who was nominated in the category of BEST RADIO DJ also released a public statement in which he appreciated that he is nominated but asked that his name be removed from the list because Lake Production failed to give him any prior notice.

Lake Production CEO was quick to react with a statement which says “A WORD FOR THE WISE.” Seriously, we are waiting for more people to decline before we publish our final list next week. People have the right to decline. It’s their choice but one thing that’s certain here for sure is that NEA is here to stay for good.

No amount of derailment will affect the aspiring vision of NEA.”

LAJ K insists the National Entertainment Awards Sierra Leone Limited (NEA SL) has only one objective and that; is to celebrate individuals and institutions putting in the effort to showcase their talents, the tourism and creative industry in getting Sierra Leone the recognition we so deserve.

“Let’s try to focus on the good of the country and not because we don’t like the team or individuals behind it. We are such a small country and barely get any recognition in the world. Our celebrities are hardly celebrated or known outside our beloved Sierra Leone so it’s sad that any efforts trying to showcase us outside Sierra Leone get as much hate from us. The jealousy and hate in this country are real,” says Lake Production CEO.

LAJ K also told SaloneJamboree in an interview on the issue that “it is very much clear in this entertainment industry. Some people are not ready to grow, the level of illiteracy and naivety in the industry is too much.

He says people also want to settle for less but they have always, for the past three years maintained professionalism. I want to clear the air as to why we are having issues with few artists, including Makmuday, Morriss, Terro D and a few others.

“As for Makmuday, everyone can attest that last year’s award had high hopes of winning as the BEST R&B artist and some other categories but artists want to win awards but fail to promote and tell their fans to vote for them.”

He said as for NEA, they have guiding rules and regulations but that it is like artists don’t know how to read or don’t have the patience to read and understand the rules and regulations.

“Last year Makmuday went to the award ceremony hoping to win some, not knowing that he doesn’t have the number of votes and after the ceremony, he went on social media saying all sorts of things but after we posted the voting results on our website he went mute.”

As for Morriss, the issue he is having has nothing to do with NEA, he claimed.  “How can he say we negotiated with him to perform during the Kiss Daniel’s but we didn’t agree on a price and we went on to pay Kiss Daniel for which he threatened that if we want his name to be on the NEA award categories we have to pay him which is very much unprofessional.”

 As for Terro D, he says he should be nominated in the category of BEST MALE ARTIST OF THE YEAR if not that we should remove his name from the list but he is not qualified to be nominated in that category as he is not able to have up to three hit songs per year. As for Mos-B, I don’t even know whether he is an artist or not but he was nominated in the category of BEST DIASPORA ARTIST by those responsible for that.

When you think about Mos-B and Terro D, they are not able to fill a birthday party to capacity without talking of a show so some of us don’t recognize Mos-B as an artist. Finally, I will like to say NEA is here to stay and no one will be able to stop our progress or take us back.  And I will like the world to know that all those that wrongly and publicly declined their nominations for NEA will be banned for life from all Lake Production events.

A popular radio presenter whose name will be kept secret, for now, was arguing bitterly on a what’s app forum saying the award didn’t have credibility and that there is a lot of fraud and fake promises coming from the CEO and the organising baby for instance in one of the awards the CEO announced that they have one hundred and fifty million as winner’s package only for him to go in order to collect the package for one winner he was given polo and cap.

By Ishmael Daddys Bangura

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