Artist Blast DJs over $33,000 NaCOVERC Largess

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Sierra Leone DJs’ Union has accused a group of Sierra Leonean Artists of excluding them from a $33,000 Covid-19 sensitisation theme song and video project funded by Covid-19 Emergency Operational Center (EOC).

In an exclusive interview with the president of the Sierra Leone DJs’ Union, Abdul Karim Koroma aka Pilot CPO of Kallone Radio; he expressed dissatisfaction over the manner in which they have been treated by the Artists Union.

“It is interesting that we as DJs that will be popularizing the song in our various stations are not included in the project. Yet we are supposed to work hand in glove in terms of pushing the entertainment industry forward,” he fumed.

But to the lead project coordinator, that’s not certainly the case. According to Sir Wahid, the Union is dismayed by the DJs’ tantrums, saying they are misplaced.

“They should be asking EOC this question,” he noted; claiming that the EOC contacted him to do the coordination of various artists to do the stuff. He said for the sensitisation theme song, they wanted artists that have demonstrated neutrality in terms of politics over the years and he used the good relationship he has with most of the artists in the industry to do the song.

“It was not in the mandate and I can even sue them for defamation,” he bitterly expressed as he rhetorically asked as to when he ever omitted DJs’ names from the project. He said it would have been a different story if he had received money on DJs’ behalf and chopped it but that’s not the case.

But more importantly, Sir Wahid said he was working on a project for DJs to receive professional training in tackling misinformation and fake news. “We also want to ensure that DJs are put on payroll for their job at their stations so I am taken aback that they have started backstabbing the Union,” he posited. According to him, it would serve the DJs well if they need him to lead them “to ask respectfully, not to disrespect my personality.”

However, there are always three sides to a story. Your views, my views and the truth! Who should take responsibility for this and what should be the way forward?

In an effort to get a credible and balanced story, SaloneJamboree contacted the spokesperson for the National EOC, Solomon Jamiru to understand what truly is the matter that has threatened to sour the relationship between DJs and the Artists’ Union.

“A lot of artists have been coming to the EOC to do coronavirus sensitisation songs so we decided to call on all the artists across the country to do one coronavirus sensitisation theme song. From a professional standpoint, we were not well guided by the artists to include the DJs on the proposal. Therefore, we have reached out to the Artists to accommodate the DJs on the proposal as we cannot create separate budgets for them,” Jamiru told SaloneJamboree.

It is no secret that the working relationship between artists and DJs hasbeen bittersweet over the years. Most often, the former accuse the latter of not promoting Salone music but instead are always busy promoting foreign tracks.

On the other hand, DJs accuse artists of not paying to promote their songs. This has prompted the question as to when and how will all this end given that the two bed fellows in the industry behave strangely to each other.

By: Mohamed Gandoh Jalloh

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