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In May 2009 Sierra Leone’s growing entertainment industry received a big boost following the launching of a website dedicated to promoting the industry.

www.salonejamboree.com is a response to the call for access to authentic, credible and timely information on the growing entertainment industry in Sierra Leone. The site is an online publication dedicated to promoting Sierra Leone music and film industries, arts and craft, performing arts (theatre), culture and tourism.

www.salonejamboree.com has become very popular and has promoted many Sierra Leonean artists at home and in the Diaspora by giving them the right platform to showcase their talents and promote the industry.

In complement to this, the newspaper version was also established in Sierra Leone in October 2011. Out of the more than 60 registered newspapers in Sierra Leone, Salone Jamboree newspaper is the only arts and entertainment newspaper published weekly with colour cover.

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