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It’s usually a night of joy and laughter for those that make it to the House as it also is of pain, grief and heartthrobs for those that don’t. What a bittersweet moment different from the Lumley beach scene on normal nights of open-air jubilation along with the popular touristic ambience! We will surely not be expecting uuuh, the type of crowds come from different parts of the city dressed in their favourite casuals anxiously hanging on to see when the final housemates will be unveiled to the general public.

For this year’s edition, ‘de game don gbodo’ in the Reality-TV show as it is all about Sierra Leone shining in the international arena with a galaxy of succulent ladies from across the globe pouring in to be part of the “No Woman No Cry” Season 2 Edition and hope to walk away with $50,000 winner’s cash prize! Can you make me figure out what would you really do with $50k at this moment?

Well, all this menu will fit the plates if by October COVID would have been dead and forgotten. As participants and fans got glued to their TV sets and some across social media handles to watch this year’s unveiling version online, it’s so much of excitement and gave the audience some butterflies in their stomach. Who will make to the top 25 people that will be in the Big Sister’s Village? But guess what? The show entered its climax when many thought they wouldn’t make it but surprisingly the number that should make it to the Big Sister’s Village was increased to 35. You could visualize the sigh of relief it brought to many where hope seemed lost!

Here are some tips to whet your appetite for “No Woman No Cry” Edition participants in October. The top 35 housemates that finally made it to the Big Sister Salone Season 2 edition are given below indicating country of origin also:

  1. Isatou Kurbally, 8. Fatima Muloshi, 27. Aminata Nancy King- The Gambia 2. Assiatou Ba- Sénégal; 3. Leva Lace- Latvia; 4. Samia Williams, 5. Iye Mary Briama Sallu, 9. Mariama Seray Kally, 10. Patricia Jaka, 17. Adama Koroma, 18. Madonna Linda Garber, 19. Askiatu Bundu, 20. Yabba Mansaray, 21. Samira Nawell Esber, 23. Fatmata Yvonne Kabba , 24. Aminata SF Conteh , 25. Juliet Mujei Hawa Fomba, 28. Hectoria Mary Kargbo, 29. Morjo Bona,- 30. Fatmata Samura, 31. Neneh Umu Jalloh, 32. Mbalu Khadija Kamara, 33. Kadiatu Tricket, 34. Mariam Isha Kargbo, 35. Esther Yeanoh Kamara- Sierra Leone; 6. Niurca Lopes Gomes- Guinée Bissau; 7. Sophia Enwerem, 15. Barbara Opara, – 22. Dinma Martins- Nigeria; 11. Queen Nita- Ghana; 12. Djalikatou Oumou Cessé- Guinée; 13. Victoria Serai Tiah- Liberia; 14. Aparna Singh- India; 16. Therese Tran- United States of America; 26. Hunza Sabir- India

The housemates, the fans and everyone cannot wait for the show to start later this year in October. Who are your favourite housemates and who are you placing your money on?

It is, however, going to be a marathon race for lucky personalities from different countries. Some these countries that have bigger populations like Nigeria with over 150 million people, India with over a billion, United States with over 300 people.

What and how will the housemate’s country of origin and financial resources influence the winner from those affluence countries as against countries like The Gambia with little over 2 million people or Sierra Leone with over 7 million people?

But with COVID 19 on the rampage, many are critical of the success of the show considering the world on lockdown. How will the show go on? What is going to happen to international housemates? How will international viewers and supporters go to vote? What are the precautionary measures in place bringing together different people?

These and several other questions remain unanswered but there is optimism that Corona will be before “No Woman No Cry.”

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